masteraleph's Journal

7 September 1984
Hey y'all, my name is Josh. I'm 5'11"ish, have brownish/reddish/blondish hair that changes with the season, and blue eyes. I'm a sophomore at UPenn right now, Go Quakers, Not Penn State! I'm involved with Hillel here, and am a former member of BBYO (which is where the name masteraleph comes from). I'll update this more as i think of stuff to put on here.
EDIT - You are, first of all, 6'(but I can leave the ish) and the hair is dirty blond/red depending where it is (and one doesn't have to look too closely to find the dividing line between the two around your temple). More importantly, you're not a sophomore at Penn anymore, unless you have turned into me recently, which would just so very bizarre.
And if you you're low on things to put here, an ode to your girlfriend would not go amiss. Just an unbiased, objective suggestion from the ONLY person who reads this livejournal and has access to your computer.